Are there times when you feel your message should have been better received? You feel as if there was a missing invisible ingredient. There probably was!

Jim Doyle will help you explore how to make a greater impact in your communications with increased awareness of how you invisibly interact with others.

The session will cover:

  • Authenticity
  • Body language
  • Mindset
  • Understanding personal presence – why is it that when some people enter a room all the heads turn for them, but not for you?
  • What techniques can we use to be

Jim is a performance coach working with world class speakers and expert witnesses, enabling a quantum leap in personal presence and performance.

As a technologist, effective communication was a real challenge – even with conventional speaker training. This led to studying consciousness and the real science behind communication skills and leadership.

Jim is now a Distinguished Toastmaster and has presented workshops to speakers from over 30 countries specialising in stage presence and personal confidence.

Remember, spaces are limited and we’d love you to join us so book your place now. Tickets are £10 and don’t forget, a buffet tea is part of the price.

To find out more about our evening events please visit our website and you can find out more about Jim here. And, if you’d like to get the conversation going you can connect with Jim on Twitter @jimjdoyle.