British Antarctic Survey, CamBridgeSense and Cambridge Big Data Strategic Research Initiatives are holding a networking day to consider the current state-of-the art in the interlinking fields of robotics, sensors and big data, the challenges for the future, and to spark potential collaborations by bringing together people with a range of interests and expertise. 

CamBridgeSense and Cambridge Big Data are networks linking hundreds of academics across the University of Cambridge and beyond, as well as companies, to facilitate potential research collaborations.

The new Aurora Innovation Centre at British Antarctic Survey has a focus on technologies for extreme environments with a keen interest in robotics, autonomous devices and big data.

What to expect from the day?

The day will include presentations from industry, showcasing Innovate UK projects in these fields; an overview of the new robotics hubs and their visions; an industry keynote; at the end of the day a keynote speaker articulating the challenges for the future.

To register please follow the link provided on the right hand side.