The focus of the day is to give you practical tools and techniques for having more effective sales conversations and to become more comfortable with the business development part of your role. 

For example you may be the business owner who has to wear many hats, including sales, or a partner (or working up to  partner) in a professional services firm or you may have expertise in an industry such as marketing, engineering, consultancy which forms the core of your day to day role. Your business development role will require you to have conversations with prospective clients, either face to face or over the phone.

There will also be two follow up reinforcement sessions to support you in applying these learnings more effectively.

Topics will include:

  • Understanding human behaviour and how it impacts on your selling
  • Developing a format for your sales conversations
  • More effective questioning techniques
  • Take more control over the sales process
  • How to get to the real decision-maker
  • Having more effective budget discussions
  • Getting more clarity and predictability from your sales conversations
  • Using your business development time effectively

You will look at the attitude, behaviour and technique elements that are required to be more successful in business development.

About Speaker

Caroline Robinson run’s Sandler Training, a sales training and business development company based in Cambridge, working with business owners, sales managers and sales team to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their selling through real world, practical approaches that work.

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