This taster session will feature techniques that will make  your presentations and  pitches much easier for you to deliver, and far more interesting for your audience, using stories, delivery and interaction. 

Communication Coach Jon Torrens will show you how to write and speak in a way that’s confidence, concise, engaging and memorable.

The usual presentations and pitches often fail to engage an audience because they use generic boring white slides filled with text, delivered with little enthusiasm,  energy or spontaneity. As a result, the audience isn’t interested in what’s being said, and may have already ‘ checked out’ before you’ve got to the important part of your message.

The successful presentation or pitch, however, grabs the audience’s attention immediately, gains trust, hooked them with an objective and then maintains engagement throughout with a story and relatable, human perspective. It is concise, to the point and tailored to  the audience

When the satisfying conclusion comes, the audience and speaker feel fulfilled. Think of it as a good meal: the speaker is like a chef, creating  something delicious and nutritious.

John will show you how to prep the ingredients for your presentation or pitch, and the right methods to  use them correct to give the audience maximum benefit and satisfaction.

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