This workshop is designed for individuals who present regularly as part of their role and want to enhance their already competent skills. 

The workshop is highly interactive, with research in psychology to get the most out of you and your audience, practical exercises to enhance key skills and presentations of increasing demand to build skills and confidence within a supportive environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Enhance your personal impact
  • Create persuasive and influential content in a well structured and engaging manner
  • Practical skills to resent ad-lib, from notes or script effectively
  • Use PowerPoint to enhance not spoil the presentation
  • Handle all questions confidently
  • Gain a clear understanding of own presentation strengths and areas for development


Day 1 

Along with practical exercises to demonstrate key skills, participants will give mini presentations during this day to build confidence

  • welcome and introductions
  • psychological theories of presentation engagement
  • attributed of inspirational speakers including the power of emotions, mirror neurons and contagion
  • vocal and visual image of competence and understanding own personal impact
  • structuring persuasive content: comprehension, engagement and relevance tests plus a toolbox of other psychological persuasion techniques
  • notes, script, ad-lib and PowerPoint advice and techniques

Day 2

The majority of this day is given to preparing for, presenting the main presentations and receiving in-depth feedback from the course facilitator and the rest of the group

  • skills for handling questions confidently
  • final preparations and rehearse presentations
  • present for 2 minutes and then handle 4 questions from the audience
  • then the rest of the group will leave the room to evaluate the presentation whilst the individual receives 1-1 feedback including video review
  • the group will then return and feedback their evaluation
  • the workshop is then concluded with action plans completed by each participant to encourage continued development

To register your attendance for this workshop, please follow the link provided on the right hand side. Alternatively, please use the contact information also provided on the right hand side to contact the organiser directly.