Join Newmarket and District Chamber of Commerce for a brand and communication¬†presentation to help boost your company’s ability to sell and build your own brand.

Speaker Jon, has worked as a designer (and experienced the joy of deadlines) at games companies including Sony and Electronic Arts, and as a professional stand-up comic for a few years, so he knows how to engage and motivate.

Now, as a coach and speaker, Jon teaches effective communication, using his personal skills to both show and tell. He has delivered communication skills training for dmg media, CBRE Clarion Securities and Cambridge University.

A unique combination of insights from the worlds of computer game design and stand-up comedy enables even the most introverted of his clients to communicate in a way that enhances their professional persona and both delights and motivates their audiences.

If your business depends on your ability to sell yourself and build a personal brand, then this presentation is for you!