Are you using Twitter for your business, but not getting the response or return on the time you invest in it? Or have you yet to branch out to this fast-paced, content-heavy social platform. Wherever you’re at on your Twitter journey, this Menta workshop will help you understand it better and help you monetise your Twitter efforts.

Discussions will include:

  • What’s the point of Twitter? 10 good reasons why you wish you’d been doing this before!
  • Setting up a twitter account – we’ll discuss home pages and settings
  • How to write the perfect tweet – creating impact, intrigue and value
  • How to find and attract followers
  • Good practice v Bad practice .. how not to be a twitter bore
  • What not to tweet and the business implications incl. legal aspects
  • How to stay motivated and keep your customers engaged
This course is for you if…
  • You have a twitter account but you feel as if it is just plodding along
  • You want to make your Twitter account more engaging, more exciting and extract value!
  • You just want to understand all the Twitter hype, and whether or not it can help you

During the morning of this event, there will be a chance to practise all that you’ve learnt so please do bring your laptop along with you.