This hands-on course is for beginners who have not set up a LinkedIn profile, and for those who have set up, added some connections, but do not know what they are supposed to do next. The workshop will help you get to grips with the benefits of LinkedIn and to use it to find new leads.


  1. Overview of LinkedIn and its usefulness as a source for new business, when used correctly
  2. Setting up a decent profile
  3. Explanation of ‘connections’. How/ who /why to ‘invite’ ‘connections’
  4. Explanation of 2nd and 3rd degree connections
  5. Posting updates – when/what/how/ why
  6. Contacting people who are not connected to you
  7. Sending group emails via LinkedIn – why/ benefits
  8. Groups. Why/how to join plus the massive benefit of group interaction
  9. Setting up a group – why/how/ benefits
  10. Company pages – how to set up properly and why they are so important.
  11. Following Companies – why/ benefits
  12. What to do next to grow your LinkedIn profile, get leads and increase exposure