Medical Technology (MedTech) is one of Europe’s most diverse and innovative high-tech sectors, with  the market being estimates  at 110 billion euros in 2015. The demand is out there, you should be too. 

The medical technology sector is growing rapidly and advances in science and technology have been accompanied by increased and more rigorous regulations. The Department for International Trade in the East of England have partnered with Global Regulatory Services for a webinar with will provide businesses with a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory pathway to access the European market.

The webinar will cover a range of topics including:

  • Overview of regulatory affairs
  • Medical device regulations – what is happening?
  • Product development – what to consider?
  • Challenging the “little grey cells”
  • Last minute regulatory strategy

Why you should attend

This webinar will provide you with a better understanding of the factors involved in complying with European regulations, allowing your company to better manage your export compliance and help support your logistics supply chain.

To register your attendance to this webinar  please follow the link provided on the right hand side. Alternatively, to contact the organiser directly please use the contact information also provided on the right hand side.