The Meditech Accelerator Health Hack programme is a series of three workshops designed to engage a wide community of stakeholders, focused on stimulating innovation within the NHS, through the identification and development of innovative new products and services with the potential to meet unmet clinical needs and generate commercial benefit. 

There is increasing pressure on surgical services, the cost of delivering surgery and patient waiting times. Theatres and intensive care staff provide a vital role supporting all surgical activity across a range of elective, trauma, emergency and day care procedures.

Health Enterprise East (HEE) are seeking medical technologies that result in dramatically lower-cost products and services within the theatres, anaesthesia and critical care setting but without comprising quality (by adopting approaches such as frugal innovation)

Some examples of the technology ideas that the HEE are looking for Idea Owners to bring to the event, for illustrative purposes only, are shown below:

  • New medical devices: novel design ideas for catheters, tubes, pumps, endoscopes, sutures, forceps, dressings, implants, retractors, specula and other devices that could be used in surgical setting in addressing unmet clinical needs
  • Digital tools: mobile apps software IT platforms that help produce more efficient, less labour intensive and more cost effective methods to complete surgical procedures. Use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics and augmented reality. Telesurgery platforms that allow surgeons to lead or help with operation remotely in real time
  • Medical equipment: surgical lights, operating table accessories, patent positioning & support systems, anaesthesia apparatus, next generation surgical robotic systems, diagnostic equipment and surgical waste disposal units
  • Surgical training & simulation tools:  use of virtual reality tools and 3D printing for training and personalised pre-procedural planning
  • Wearable technology: use of sensor technology for patient monitoring before, during and/or after surgery to improve surgical outcomes

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