Taking a supervisory role is the first step into management – an exciting but often challenging move. This one-day workshop covers all the essential skills that you will need to ensure that you feel confident to carry out this role effectively. 

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Describe the qualities of a successful supervisor/first time manager
  • Describe the key functions of a first line management role
  • Understanding the interpersonal skills needed to be an effective manager
  • Plan and structure management of others
  • Draw up SMART objectives
  • Use a structures approach to problem solving
  • Understand what makes an effective manager

Course Outline


  • The Role of the Manager
  • Key responsibilities – the task, the team & the individual

Planning work 

  • Defining objectives and prioritising work
  • Writing SMART goals

Developing your Interpersonal Skills 

Problem Solving 

  • A structured approach to solving problems

Managing the Team 

  • What makes a good team
  • Managing different personalities
  • Team effectiveness review

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