This course has been specifically designed to provide individuals with the skills, knowledge and attitude required to promote a healthy feedback culture, in teams where everyone feels comfortable giving and receiving feedback. 

The programme will have real-working examples and practical application throughout.

Outputs include:

  • How to build trust through “curiosity” inside the feedback loop
  • What to feedback on (i.e. is it just a whinge or feedback)
  • Clarity when providing feedback
  • Managing the impact of feedback
  • Receiving feedback in a positive way
  • Adjusting feedback for different personalities
  • Feeling comfortable/confident giving and receiving feedback

Target Audience

This workshop is suitable for everyone who wants to improve performance in the workplace.


Feedback in Context

  • Building a feedback culture – considerations and challenges
  • The link to emotional intelligence and high performance
  • Forward feedback model

Feedback Skills in practice

  • Team exercise “how safe is it to be totally honest here”
  • Observation – feedback

Receiving feedback 1

  • Keep the gifts coming
  • Ask/Own/Act
  • Live examples – what have you done/could you do?

Feedback in practice 2

  • Team exercise
  • Observation – feedback

Getting your head right 

  • Managing our emotions
  • A/C/T – Live examples – what have you done/could you do?

Increasing the challenge – SAID process

  • Practical ‘real-play’ on current performance issues
  • Observation – feedback

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