Overview of the Course:

Drawing on the latest work from the Cambridge Service Alliance, this thought-provoking and practical two-day workshop considers how to design the shift to services.

Customers increasingly demand services and solutions, not just products. For companies this can be an opportunity to increase their revenues and develop long-term relationships with their customers. However, making the shift to services is difficult and remains an aspiration for many. Arriving at a clear vision of the service offering is often the first stumbling block. What will be offered and how? What are the risks? How do we deliver and create – as well as capture – value?

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to use our tools to design new services and improve existing ones and support the successful integration of services into your organisation.

The workshop will give you new insights into:

  • How firms design and re-design services and service offerings
  • How prototyping a service works
  • How tools such as emotion mapping, process mapping, business model innovation and blue-printing play a role in service design
  • How to manage the transition and the service journey

Topics include:

  • New thinking for service design
  • Understanding the ecosystem – expanding your strategic horizons
  • Defining the business model – focusing on your customers’ needs
  • Planning your service strategy journey
  • Innovating the value delivery system – aligning resources and partners
  • Service emotion – identifying and managing the customer’s ‘emotion journey’ 
  • The role of big data – optimising service delivery and designing better solutions

During the workshop you will also be given the opportunity to design a new service and/or enhance one of your organisation’s existing services.

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Course fee is £1800 plus VAT

Lunches and refeshments provided