Are you looking to grow your business but find the thought of taking on staff or using contractors daunting?

If this is you, join us for a morning whereby our expert panel will dispel some myths and show you that it’s not all about binding contracts as there are many ways to ‘recruit’ people to work for you.

The panel of speakers will include business people who have successfully taken on apprentices; a recruitment company that knows a thing or two about finding, and retaining, people locally; someone to explain a tried and tested system that can help businesses and individuals grow and optimise their full potential; a virtual PA who explores the dilemma of growing a business without employing people; an HR expert who’ll explain how to keep staff loyal to your company; an employment law specialist to help you avoid some of the risks associated with taking on personnel.

After keynote speaker Michelle Pollard from Spider Recruitment Services there’ll be introductions and some helpful advice in a presentation from each panel member to allow you to extract as much information from our presenters as you need…FOR FREE, followed by coffee and biscuits to accompany some friendly networking.