Issues that face all businesses from the sole trader, Partnerships; LLPs; SMEs up to larger corporations – an event you will not want to miss!

Guest speaker Richard Murrall, Head of Company & Commercial Law at Pellys RJP. Richard has almost 30 years experience in advising businesses of all sizes and sectors on a wide range of corporate transactions and commercial agreements.

Richard will cover topics including the following:

  • Getting the right legal structure and making sure it is properly documented
  • Getting the ownership structure right
  • The need for Partnership/LLP and Shareholders Agreements
  • Recruitment and retention of employees . Getting the right incentives.– EMI Share Option Schemes and other share schemes
  • Having the right Terms & Conditions in place and making sure they are enforceable
  • Protecting your IPR
  • Succession planning; dealing with major fall outs between owners; exit mechanisms
  • Business protection such as Keyman policies; life assurance linked to cross options
  • Getting external investment right
  • Employment checklist for Employers/Owners

Networking Opportunity

This is perfect for anyone who wants to raise their profile across the business community and extend their network of business contacts.

There will be a room full of business people ready to get connected with you and your business – all you have to do is get the date in your diary and book a place today!

Who should attend?

Anyone who has the need for some element of company law to keep their business up to date.

If this event is something you are interested in, please use the booking links at the top of this page.