Ixion Holdings are able to offer another FREE business support event for local SMES, the speaker will be presenting a 2 hour training session on LinkedIn & Sales Skills and Objection Handling. 

Please welcome Ian Preston who is a leading Business Coach & Trainer and Keynote Speaker.

About the Speaker

Ian has spent the kast 30+ years in Sales & Marketing and has taken a particular interest in the art, science and psychology of selling, which he has shared by leading, training & coaching many teams and individuals over the years.

He helps individuals and businesses be more successful by:

  • attracting and engaging with better quality prospects and key people in their market
  • increasing their visibility and credibility
  • making even more sales & working more effectively and efficiently


Part 1 – LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is the most under-utilised marketing tool in the business world! It can deliver a never ending stream of leads!

Learn how to:

  • build your perfect profile
  • cultivate the right network of contacts
  • create & develop better opportunities
  • generate more leads
  • get a better return on your marketing
  • avoid cold calling and get straight to your ideal decision maker within minutes

Part 2 – Sales Skills & Objection Handling 

How to turn a NO into a YES! (and how to prevent a NO in the first place). What to say when someone says “it’s too expensive.”

Selling is a skill like any other. It needs familiarity with the requirements and lots of practice to be proficient at it. Learn some tricks of the trade about the art, science and psychology of selling, learned in over 30 years of being ‘out on the road,’ leading sales teams and training & coaching others.

To register your attendance at this FREE event please follow the link provided on the right hand side.