Innovate UK and the KTN are holding a briefing event in support of this competition for R&D funding for, the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund for ESP for robotics in extreme environments. 


  • To encourage R&D investment in ESP enabled robotics capabilities made in the UK
  • Successful proposals will demonstrate a thorough understanding of whole system design requirements for Robotics and AI in extreme environments. It must:
    • include mission-specific performance and regulatory targets
    • show an understanding of the challenge in RAI systems in extreme environments, including the market specifically addressed in your proposal


Out of a total budget of £2m, funding may be available for:

  • feasibility studies – total eligible costs £25,000 – £100,000
    • collaborative R&D – total eligible costs £50,000 – £250,000

Specific Themes are:

  • optics and photonics based sensing
  • compound semiconductor based electronics
  • packaging
  • modelling and simulation

It is expected to be of particular interest to members of the:

  • ESP Community
  • Robotics and AI Community
  • End User Community

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