An interactive workshop looking at the impact of identity, or lack of it, on  behaviour in cyberspace. 

The internet has become a major part of our lives. It has brought enormous benefits of efficiency, speed and access to knowledge. We have access to a wide range of services spanning entertainment, learning, social media and productivity tools. Around 55% of the world population now have access to the internet and it continues to grow. However issues of trust and problems with security have means over the last few years it’s not been looking quite as rosy.

CW have formed a multi-disciplinary team of people to look at these issues and help engineer trust across the technology landscape. CW aims to cover a variety of topics in this area with this inaugural event looking at individual identity.

About event

The session begins with a series of short and provocative talks on the impact of identity and some possible engineering solutions including the potential need for distributed and the possibility that we might all end up with a reputation ranking similar to an episode of Black Mirror or as being rolled out in China.

The workshop concludes with teams looking for solutions to some of the problems raised – prizes will be awarded!


  • James Chapman – CTO, MIRACL
  • Laura James, Entrepreneur in Residence, University of Cambridge
  • Paul Morris – CTO, Cambridge Communication Systems
  • Tim Phipps – Technical Marketing Manager, Solarflare

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