This programme introduces applicable frameworks and tools that help senior executives address generating sustainable growth and entrepreneurial spirit. 

About Programme

To thrive  in today’s volatile business environment requires organisations to systematically challenge assumptions recognise the non-obvious, and generate alternatives their customer value. Indeed, organisations increasingly need to reinvigorate their business offerings with the agility typical of entrepreneurs.

But how can business sustain an entrepreneurial spirit while operating at scale? This programme offers tangible and actionable answers to this question. Importantly, the programme enables the delegates to quickly and effectively respond to the specific contingencies they face in their organisations.

This programme, builds upon the latest research and a combined experience of over 30 years of organisational support for entrepreneurial and growing organisations to introduce applicable frameworks and tools that help senior executives address the following challenges:

  • How can you create a context within which entrepreneurialism is nurtures and contagious?
  • What is the right set of organisational structures and processes to generate sustainable growth?
  • How can you adopt the experimentation processes of successful start-ups to leverage the current strategic objectives?
  • How can you systematically instil entrepreneurial agility within the current organisation’s innovation processes?

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