An intensive two-day experience focused on stimulating personal and collective creativity and on better understanding the importance and relevance of creativity in business. 

This practical, hands-on workshop is designed as an intensive introduction to creativity and its practical range of application within a business context and beyond.

It addresses prejudices about creativity (such as, “I’m really not creative”, “creativity cannot be taught”, “we don’t have time to think creatively,” etc.), and introduces, discusses and puts into practice concepts, models, frameworks, methods and tools of creativity to help participants address live real-world business challenges in a resourceful and inventive way.

The learning experience within the Cambridge Creativity Lab is designed to be inspiring, stimulating and disruptive, and culminates in the “creative-hack-a-thon”, a creative pitch competition with presentations delivered to the programme facilitators and leading associates of Cambridge Judge Business School.


  • What is creativity in business? The importance and relevance of creativity in business and how ideas can create change that leads to innovation
  • Experimenting with and valuing your own creative skillset and potential allowing you to assess how you can add value in a resourceful and inventive way
  • Best practices for stimulating creative at individual, team and organisational level in order to achieve organisational goals
  • Stimuli ad obstacles to individual, team and organisational creativity – debunk the myths
  • Concepts, models, frameworks, methods and tools to manage business endeavours creatively

In addition attendees will work on at least three creative briefs (including the creative hack-a-thon brief) which contains the following potential business scenarios:

  • New product launch
  • Low budget activation for the charity/NGO sector
  • Reaction to a PR crisis
  • New service ideation
  • Business transformation for an industry in decline
  • Organisation transformation in a FTSE 100 company

The Cambridge Creativity Lab will:

  • Provide you with a hands-on experience of creativity and how to promote new ideas in your organisation
  • Encourage you to experiment with creativity in a safe environment in order to understand the tools and dynamics required to bring greater creativity to your organisation
  • Give you an opportunity to learn about your own creativity and that of your collaborators and organisation by observing your own behaviours and reflecting on those around you in action
  • Give you the tool and skills to understand how to capture new ideas and seek out challenges in order to both broaden your knowledge and skills, and manage your surroundings
  • All you to develop your creative leadership skills
  • Provide the frameworks to design a creative culture with your organisation

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