This workshop considers the IoT specifically in an industrial context, where networked connected objects, devices and sensors are integrated with existing manufacturing information systems environments to provide an enhancement of manufacturing processes, supply chains, products and services. 

The Internet of Things in its simplest terms provides an extension of the internet to enable simple objects to be connected to the internet via sensors and communication devices. In its broadest interpretation it involves the connection and management of data extracted from sensors and other sources anywhere on the internet. In a specifically industrial context it is referred to as Industrial IoT.

This one-day workshop will combine presentations with open discussion and group working sessions to address the following questions:

  • What is IIoT? Introduction, terminology and definitions
  • Why is it so important? How does IoT fit within the Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet developments?
  • Is it right for my organisation? Rationale, value proposition of IIoT
  • How do I implement IoT? Industrial Uses/ Application Scenarios
  • What issues do I need to consider? IIoT related standards/ Security/ Privacy/ Sharing issues in IIoT
  • Who else is using IoT? Related technologies & initiatives
  • How is it likely to benefit me in the future? Research and developments


Speakers from industrial end users, systems providers, standards organisations and universities will include:

  • Fluor,
  • Siemens,
  • Beckhoff,
  • BSI,
  • IfM Cambridge

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