Join West Suffolk College for the first International Festival of Learning in the East. 

This event is set to bring you a superb range of professional development; but this is much more than a one-day training event – this is a movement, led by a growing collective of professionals, volunteers and organisations who are passionate about education.

The intention is to empower all sectors to confidently tackle the big issues, to collaborate and to share evidence-led practice.


  • Empowering Communities
    • Community cohesion within diverse cultural contexts is a complex challenge. Empowering Communities is about looking beyond the classrooms and across the local and global community. The event will be showcasing and debating areas such as parent-partnerships, issues in safeguarding, narrowing the gap within diverse communities and tackling cultural abuse and radicalisation
  • Future-proof Workforce
    • The event will be discussing against a backdrop of relentless education reform, how can we match our future needs empowering communities requires an ability to lead complex relationship between parents, students, teachers, the media and the general public.
  • Leadership
    • Education leadership¬† in all its forms – sharing and harnessing the best resources and insight to influence thinking, policy and practice.
  • Creating the Environment
    • There will also be a debate as to how we help teachers, parents and students to thrive in educational organisations

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