In this presentation Keltie LLP will provide concise, practical guidance and advice on how to implement and manage an effective IP strategy for your company.

A generic easy-to-follow framework for an IP strategy will be provided that will help you to:

  • identify IP as it is generated
  • record and prioritise this in alignment with your commercial strategy
  • balance selecting and actioning appropriate IP protection in line with your priorities and budget

To assist you in determining the most appropriate IP protection, all forma of registered IP, such as patents, trade marks and registered design protection, will be briefly discussed along with IP rights that cost nothing to obtain such as copyright, trade secrets, know-how and unregistered design rights.

An effective IP strategy and a relevant and valuable IP portfolio is as important for an early start-up as it is for an SME and multinational corporations. It is never too early to consider how best to record and manage you company’s IP.

This presentation is intended to be interactive, and you are welcome to ask questions and share experiences in IP at any time.

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