This free workshop will look at how to measure and manage the social, economic and environment impacts your business creates. 

This includes the social, economic, environmental and regeneration outcomes you achieve and the difference you make in the world. It’s what makes you a proud Social Enterprise.

The workshop will provide an overview of impact measurement and management including:

  • The benefits of measuring impact
  • Taking a lean approach to impact measurement
  • The key stages of measuring impact
  • Impact management
  • Assigning financial values to impact (SROI)

Leading this workshop is Heidi Fisher; a multi-award winning specialist in social enterprise and social impact.

About Heidi Fisher

Heidi has worked with over 2,100 social enterprises, ranging from start-ups through to those with over £1 billion of income supporting them to become more sustainable, develop their trading income and to better measure, manage and report the impact they have.

Heidi is also the author of the best-selling book.

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