This free to join Tomorrow’s Practice: Today webinar is ideal for practitioners with an interest in generating new ideas and revenue streams for their practice.

The session will focus on creating effective marketing strategies that work for you and your practice.

What is the best way to grow your practice?

Find new clients. For years practitioners have won new business through referrals, but as time goes on you may have noticed that word of mouth is no longer generating the results it used to.

But how do you extend your reach to attract the right client base and ensure they are your target market?

Whether you have invested a great deal of time in marketing, or none at all, the biggest question most accountancy practitioners tend to have is what kind of marketing is most effective for their offering.

There is now a whole host of marketing opportunities available to consider: social media, digital and content marketing.

But what is the right fit for you and your practice?

Knowing what makes you stand out from your competitors, understanding your target market and the channels available will enable you to create an effective marketing campaign, delivering your desired goals.

This webinar will include:

  • practical solutions that you can  implement straight away for social media, content, and your website
  • help to identify your target audience and how to target them effectively
  • clarity on how to generate more, quality referrals, through innovative marketing channels
  • how to build a marketing campaign that fits with both your personal practices object

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