There is increasing recognition of the need to embed human factors science into the design of healthcare systems and processes.

The Commission on Education and Training for Patient Safety report ‘Improving safety through education and training,’ recommended that the principles of human factors must be embedded into the training of healthcare professionals.

This guidance was informed by the NQB Concordat published in the wake of the Mid Staffordshire Inquiry and in support of the Francis and Berwick reports.

  • So what do we mean by human factors science?
  • How can we apply human factors methods and principles to create safer healthcare systems?
  • What is the evidence base that applying human factors design principles improves patient safety?
  • How can we enhance the non-technical skills of healthcare teams?
  • How can Leaders for Improvement embed human factors thinking in their own organisations?

Come along to this FREE event and learn what we mean by human factors science and how to apply human factors thinking in practice.

Formerly Nurse Advisor to the NPSA, regional Lead for the national campaigns Patient Safetty First and Sign up to Safety, Jane has worked as an independent Human Factors and Patient Safety Consultant since 2010.

This interactive masterclass will use case studies, research findings and examples from real-world experience to:

  • Help you to understand what is meant by the term human factors science.
  • Practice applying HF methods in service improvement work.
  • Share what works when trying to spread an understanding of human factors to Boards, middle managers and frontline healthcare teams.
  • Signpost you to HF educational resources and tools.

Attending the masterclass will help you learn how to lead human factors implementation in your organisation. And you will do so in a fun, interactive session where sharing strategies and approaches is integral to the learning experience.