Learn how your organisation can help support its scientists as they step up to leadership role. 

This taster session introduces the Lab to Leader programme a training  and coaching package designed specifically to build the soft-skills, emotional intelligence and strategic mindset that those with purely scientific training can lack.

Why do some scientists struggle with leadership?

Good leadership is vital  to the effectiveness of collaborative science. As such, important positions such as Lab Leader or Group Leader are natural rungs on the career ladder for ambitious scientists.

But brilliance in task oriented, narrowly focused scientific work doesn’t necessarily translate well into comfort and competence in people-oriented and strategic leadership positions. Unfortunately, those promoted for their brilliance as scientists don’t always make for great bosses.

This is a problem across sectors but appears especially acute in scientific contexts. Research suggests this is partly a result of the kinds of personalities that are attracted to science, and partly because of the type of academic training and demands associated with research roles.

Leadership development designed for scientists

Lab to Leader is a leadership development programme that has been developed specifically to address this problem. Through a mixture of training and coaching it helps new and future scientific leaders enhance their self-awareness and build emotional intelligence as well as providing a strong foundation in best-practice people-management.

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