The Medtech Accelerator Health Hack programme is a series of 3 participation events organised by the Eastern Academic Health Science Network and Health Enterprise East.

These free events are designed to engage a wide community of stakeholders, focused on stimulating innovation within the NHS, through the identification and development of innovative new products and services with the potential to meet unmet clinical needs and generate commercial benefit.

Event Theme : Rehabilitation from Injury & Illness

What are they looking for?

Idea or Problem Owners (Innovators)

The event is aiming to engage 6-10 individuals/teams from NHS organisations within the region (Idea Owners) to participate in the event. These Idea Owners will have new ideas or inovative solutions that meet unmet clinical needs in the broad area of medical technology (devices, diagnostics, software and eHealth).

Ideas may be at any stage of development but should be primarily based upon NHS intellectual property (IP) and show the potential to go on and create future companies within the East of England. Problem Owners who don’t yet have a solution for their unmet need are also welcome to apply to attend the event.

Support Actors

Some of the Idea or Problem Owners may be from purely clinical backgrounds with no substantial experience of product design or hardware/software development. They therefore may need assistance in developing their idea and guidance in assessing the market opportunity, identifying the best development approach, selecting other delivery partners, quantifying the development costs and subsequent funding/investment needs and developing a sound commercialisation strategy. As such, we will be seeking to recruit the following participants as Support Actors to register and attend the event:

  • Clinical stakeholders, subject-matter experts and other NHS staff
  • Software/hardware developers
  • Academics/researchers
  • Regulatory experts/consultants
  • Business/marketing/strategy consultants

What will happen at the event?

All participants will be invited to attend a ‘Beer and Pizza’ evening before the main event. This will be a mostly informal gathering aimed at giving the participants the opportunity to get to know each other in a relaxed setting.

During the evening, the Idea Owners will pitch their ideas to the Support Actors.

At the start of the following day, the Support Actors will then form diverse teams around the Idea Owners they would like to support for the rest of the day. The teams will then develop their ideas in a facilitated, with a series of experts on hand to guide them, before each team will pitch to the judging panel at the end of the day.

Expected Outcomes

The judges will pick one or more of the ideas to go forward and pitch their idea to the MedTech Accelerator Investment Panel after the event, with a chance of winning up to £125,000 of funding to develop the idea. The remaining projects will all be offered the opportunity of further mentoring and support from HEE & the EAHSN.

Further Information

Full details of the workshop including theme definition, objectives and expected outcomes are available by clicking here.

If you would like further information on the event email or call 01223 928040.

Health Hack Overview

Day 1: 19th October (5.30 pm onwards)

  • Arrival and networking over coffee
  • Introduction and welcome to Medtech Accelerator, EAHSN, HEE and UEA
  • Introduction to Health Hack – Objectives, rules of engagement and housekeeping
  • Idea Owners pitch their ideas (5 minutes each – up to 1 hour)
  • Networking over Beer and Pizza
  • Close

Day 2: 20th October (8.30am start)

  • Introduction
  • Keynote speaker – rehabilitation
  • Support actors self-select into groups
  • Group introductions and initial concept development
  • Lunch
  • Detailed, facilitated, concept development
  • Coffee break
  • Development of pitches (facilitated)
  • Project pitches to judges
  • Coffee (whilst experts judge projects and select winners)
  • Results and closing ceremony

Further information about the event can be found here.

To register your attendance, please use the Eventbrite link on the right hand side.