Attend this session and participate in the discussions on the pros and cons of using Intellectual Property (IP), leaving with an understanding of how a user needs focused business model may, arguably, protect the future of your business in a better way than a patent portfolio.

This is a small interactive event is free and designed to encourage discussion and places are limited.  This event is delivered by Enterprise Europe Network and hosted by St John’s Innovation Centre.

By the end of the session you will …

  • Learn why user needs need to be core to your business roadmap and how this will help you stay ahead of potential market disruptions
  • Have a better understanding of why research validated insights into your customer and user needs may be more valuable than patents
  • Have a basic understanding of how to map the customer and user journey and use this as the basis for defining your business operations
  • Have the opportunity to debate the pros and cons of IP for your business model and listen to the alternative view of why IP is important
  • Have an understanding of the business support provided by EEN to grow your business internationally

During the session the trainer, Leo Poll of Akendi UK, leading User Research & UX design firm creating User Experiences for products and services, will introduce the concept of a needs centred business model elicitation and the tools and techniques to capture, model and apply these to gain a competitive edge. A number of practical examples will be given including a brief case study on why a company like Philips changed from being a technology driven powerhouse to a company where customer/user insights are the closest guarded secrets.

The event will be chaired by Martin Lipscombe, Partner from Nash Matthews LLP, a firm of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys long-established in Cambridge, which helps businesses prepare and implement IP strategies to enhance their clients’ profitability and avoid, as far as possible, costly legal disputes. Martin will also share his perspective on why IP is important for business. Delegates will participate in the discussions on the pros and cons of using IP.