This Grapevine morning networking event, Local Radio Presenter Stephen Whitton will be discussing the problems with communication within ourselves. 

From this session, participants will discover:

  • How we all have an inner voice that drives us and how to “house-train” it.
  • How our fears and self-limiting beliefs can hold  us back – from selling, networking, public speaking and promoting business
  • How our communication will be far more effective if we “listen to understand – rather than just listen to respond”
  • How making communication about the “other” person not only making them feel great, releases their tensions, but makes  you seem like a n inspirational, positive person they’re likely to want to be with/do business with

About the speaker

Through his career as a Radio Presenter, MC, Conference Speaker, Trainer and Coach, Stephen Whitton has learnt people’s main worse enemy is nearly always themselves and their negative self-talk. He therefore set out to help people with strategies and actions to unlock these hidden commitments and create more customer life enhancing new ones.

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