Inawisdom and AWS invite you to the latest AI event ‘Getting Started in AI.’ 

See AI in Action

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the latest, most effective tools to transform how organisations can get the most from their data. This event will show you just what can be achieved and how easy and simple it can be to get started.

Join Inawisdom and AWS for this exclusive event and enjoy:

  • A welcome from leading experts in AI technologies
  • Hear from leading AWS AI/ML Specialist
  • Hear about building and accelerating the business case for AI & see AI in Action: Technical application of AI and ML tools in action (solutions)
  • A panel discussion on tips and best practices for getting started with AI
  • A chance to book an ML clinic session after the panel, network with peers and AI/ML experts from AWS/Inawisdom

To register your attendance for this event please follow the link provided on the right hand side.