Are you considering taking a new product or service to market and wondering how the GDPR and ePR will affect you?

Businesses that innovate have been described as the engine of economic growth but bringing groundbreaking ideas to market, attracting investment, embracing international opportunities and scaling up isn’t easy.

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy Regulation (ePR) on the horizon, it can feel like a minefield to navigate and the consequences for not being compliant can sacrifice a business’s opportunity to be innovative.

This is an event for innovative SMEs around the Cambridgeshire area.

The workshop has been designed so that SMEs can understand the impact GDPR and the ePrivacy (ePR) will have on their busineses and help them prepare for it.

It’s a great cost-free opportunity for business to learn how to think creatively about new ways to engage new markets.

Why attend?

  • By attending this event you will learn what the GDPR and ePR are, why they are being introduced and what this change to the law means to your business
  • You will learn what considerations to take into account when taking your innovative products to new markets
  • You will learn how to think creatively about ways to engage new markets
  • You will leave understanding the risks and potential consequences should your business not prepare for these changes
  • We will provide some practical suggestions on how to make your business compliant
  • This event is aimed specifically at businesses looking to launch a new product or service.

Spaces are limited, you will receive a confirmation email with full venue details once your place has been reserved.

Bookings for this FREE event can be made either via email or Eventbrite, using the links on the right hand side.