The event will be launching a streamlined online portal which will allow supply chain businesses (producers, wholesale suppliers and caterers) to register their produce and services, and measure them against a balanced scorecard assessment method. This method comes from the Plan for Public Procurement of Food and Catering, and helps to show how straightforward criteria, such as cost, can be ‘balanced’ against more complex criteria, including resource efficiency and socioeconomic value.

We have a manifesto commitment that states Government must play a role in supporting SMEs across all Government Departments to ensure that 33 per cent of central government purchasing will come from SMEs by the end of Parliament.

Speakers will include Minister George Eustice and Dr Peter Bonfield (author of our Plan for Public Procurement). There will also be case studies.

If you’d like to come to the event then please let email Thomas Powell using the link on the right hand side, and he’ll send an invite and agenda.