This workshop is invaluable for those businesses who wish to find, bid and win public sector contracts work billion in the UK, Europe and beyond. Public sector contracts can be very lucrative for your organisation, however bid writing and tendering can be a challenge. 

This workshop will show you how to avoid the common mistakes, implement top tips and use best practice and new for 2018 the consequences of Brexit for UK companies bidding on public sector EU contracts.

Delivered by Enterprise Europe Network East, their expert advisors will help you to beat the bureaucracy and make sense of the jargon, from Pre Qualification Questionnaire, to Invitation to Tender and Tender Documents.

The seminar will be led by Toni Saraiva who has delivered over 250 procurement workshops in the UK, Europe, Canada and Israel to help SMEs better understand how to bid for public contracts.

Why attend?

  • would you like to discover if bidding for public procurement would be a good idea for your business?
  • by attending the workshop you will benefit from expert advice, case studies, group work, and most importantly work on a tender that you could bid for
  • find out about the latest changes to public procurement legislation and procedures designed to make tendering easier for SMEs
  • we will provide some practical suggestions on how to sell to the public sector. Find out if your business is ready to tender and what resources you may need.

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