At this event you will work with Connected Devices and AI expects to explore the input needs of machine learning algorithms. What options are there for generating and utilising data? 

Whether you call it machine learning or artificial intelligence, algorithms are becoming as important a building block as transistors were in the early days of the silicon revolution. But they hungry components, which need data.

Cambridge Wireless will be bringing together leading experts and practitioners to share their visions of how AI will change the way we design products and think about data. This event will look at the dietary needs of AI – how we generate data – and the interplay between devices and algorithms, whether in the cloud or at the edge.

Sessions aim to cover:

  • The reasons for companies that produce or sell components/devices to invest heavily in AI
  • Top down vs bottom up approach. Is it  better to start with data-generating hardware, or algorithms?
  • The changing shape of the marketplace. What approaches are the major technology manufacturers taking? How are the traditionally separate software and hardware spheres collaborating?
  • Where is the best (long-term) location for machine learning? The cloud or the edge?
  • What connectivity is required? Is this a solved problem, or are there improvements to be made?
  • Garbage in, garbage out. Will hardware development be the true driver of insight and change?

It’s becoming clear that there is no one answer to a solution’s architecture, nor where learning takes place.


  • 1:30pm Registration and networking with refreshments
  • 2:10pm Introduction to the event from Simon Mead, CEO, Cambridge Wireless
  • 2:15pm Introduction to the event by Connected Devices SIG Champions, Paul Green, Iotic Labs
  • 2:20pm Nick Hunn, CTO, WiFore Consulting
  • 2:30pm Hoi Lam, Lead Developer Advocate, Google
  • 3:25pm Refreshment break
  • 4pm James Westley Senior Engineer and James Peet, Silicon Design Engineer, Cambridge Consultants, Cambridge Consultants
  • 4:30pm Amy Cameron, Senior Analyst and Matt Pooley, STL Partners
  • 5pm Panel Session with all speakers, Chaired by AI SIGN Champion, Peter Whale, Vision Formers
  • 5:35pm Closing remarks from Connected Devices SIG Champion, Tim Whittaker, Cambridge Consultants
  • 5:40pm Delegates are then invited to the networking drinks receptions of the CW Founder Dinner
  • 6:30pm Event Close

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