Join Export to Japan for this free webinar where you will explore some of the challenges that UK companies could face when selling online  in  Japan, and how you can get your products in front of millions of loyal and sophisticated consumers. 

Topics that will be covered:

  • the benefits  of selling your products on Rakuten
  • the on-boarding process, costs and logistics involved
  • the growth of the e-commerce market in Japan
  • the type of considerations UK companies need to bear in mind before starting

There will  be a Q&A session at the end, so please make sure to  submit any questions you may have when registering. However you may still participate with questions and comments during the live broadcast.

The guest speaker for this webinar is Katsuhiko Kayama, International Merchant Developer  who supports overseas  sellers on Rakuten every day.

To register your attendance  for this FREE Webinar please follow the link provided on the right hand side. Alternatively, please use the contact details also provided on the right hand side to contact the organiser.