Circular Economy principles have been celebrated as an opportunity for businesses to grow revenue whilst reducing environmental impact. Sounds good? Yet understanding how this concept applies in the context of your own business and identifying practical steps is not easy.

Part of the Circular Peterborough initiative, this event – delivered by KTN and sponsored by Allia – provides businesses in Peterborough with the initial support to take concrete steps towards circularity.

KTN’s practical workshop will help you explore, prioritise and refine ideas for your business to exploit the economic opportunity presented by a circular economy.

The creative workshop process will use a number of tools to constructively navigate through the circular space and identify clear and tangible business opportunities. You will come away with circular economy ideas and potential projects that are relevant to your business.

Who should attend?

  • Businesses with an interest in creatively exploring new ways to deliver and grow their business in line with circular economy principles
  • Businesses can be of any size and from any sector
  • Businesses should play a role in product supply chain or service delivery (manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, service providers, end-of-life)

Please note: As the number of available space is limited, please note that the participants meeting the “who should attend” points just above will be prioritised.