Expert hour brings an expert in their field to Future Business Centre for an hour for you to come and grab 10-15 minutes of advice and information about an issue particularly pertinent to your business. No appointments required but it’s a good idea to pre-book in advance to make sure you get a meeting.

Deepti is a small business accountant specializing in R&D tax credits and business planning. She is member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales (ICAEW) and has been helping small businesses since she founded Watermill Accounting in 2009. Prior to starting the company, Deepti worked at KPMG, where she gave advice and audited the accounts of many multinational companies like Pepsico, John Deere. Deepti now uses all her experience to help small and medium size businesses with their accounts and taxes, as well as regularly advising them as a business partner to help them grow and improve their cash flow.

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