This FREE presentations workshop will be hosted by Anthony Wade aka Doctor Voice The world’s #1 vocal coach

He will reveal the art of effective communication and how you can transform your presence and impact, whether speaking to 1 or 1,000 people.

Developed over 30 years of research and thousands of presentations. Doctor Voice uses his experience to…

  • Overcome nerves and present with confidence, clarity and charisma
  • Deliver persuasive and passionate presentations
  • Develop your personal Wow! factor to optimize the impact of your presentations
  • Develop your ability to convince, persuade and influence successfully in a wide range of situations

This exclusive workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to learn to communicate and persuade with confidence, personality and presence.

About Dr. Voice:

No ordinary singing/vocal trainer, but an expert in removing the mental blocks preventing people reaching their ultimate life goals.

He has lectured and coached at educational establishments all over the world, from secondary schools to the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts.

Helping TV personalities and pop stars: coaching Grammy Award winner Sam Smith, and one of his current pupils ‘The Voice’ winner Jermain Jackman, barristers, teachers, blue chip company executives, and international football managers.

He has amassed a wealth of experience diagnosing thousands of varied vocal challenges, his methods will quickly show you just how powerful a singer or speaker you can become.

Much sought after, his understanding of how the voice and mind work together, plus his influence in the speech and music professions, make him the obvious choice to help any student, from whatever field, achieve their goal.

The title ‘Doctor Voice’ was bestowed upon him in recognition of his consultation work for television and radio, and from the many, many people who have benefited from his mastery of the human voice.

This is going to be an interesting workshop which is FREE to attend however, you will need to register to secure a place, and you can do that by contacting Michelle at Allia, using the contact details on the right hand side.

Also, if you would like to know more about Doctor Voice please check out his website –