Today, team interaction is getting increasingly digital but does this change how we approach team effectiveness? 

Professor Michael West will be leading this interactive session. He is a renowned expert in this field and has spent most of his career undertaking research into the factors that determine the effectiveness and innovativeness of individuals, teams and organisations at work.

His research has had a significant impact in both policy and practice and this event provides an opportunity for participants to hear first hand his thoughts on how the changing workplace impacts upon team effectiveness.

At this event, participants will hear:

  • Why team effectiveness is important for the health and care sector
  • If and how team effectiveness is impacted by the digital workplace
  • What this means for team development approaches and how we can measure effectiveness on an ongoing basis
  •  Tools and techniques for managing the balance between digital interaction and face to face interaction

Please note the venue requires names of registered participants three weeks prior to the event so we are unable to accept participants who have not registered in advance.

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