Ever wondered what your customers’characteristics are? Their age, gender,interests, hobbies? Whether they prefer to surf online during the day or night?

If you’re a marketeer hoping to better understand what your customer looks like, then this free digital seminar will be time well-spent.

We’ve partnered with award-winning digital marketing consultancy, Further, to host this unmissable marketing event.

Data & Insight Analyst, Adam Read, will demonstrate Further’s bespoke customer profiling service, which allows you to dive into your data – whether it be website data or an inhouse database – to help you understand your customers better and distinguish those which are most valuable to you.

From this data, Adam will show you how to create customer personas for your key customer groups which can be used across a host of marketing channels including content marketing, paid search, organic search or social media. We’ve found that creating bespoke marketing messages from these personas can increase both conversions and ROI.

Further information and booking details can be found via the link on the right hand side.