DeepTech will be bringing together an elite group of innovators with the aim of building a world-class eco-system. 

There mid-term vision is to connect London, Cambridge and Oxford to create a golden deeptech triangle with the clout to play on the global stage.


Technology startups need a strong eco-system to support them. Both Cambridge and London have been extremely successful in building their own communities. However, the market is becoming much more competitive with both the US and China pouring resources into technologies such as:

  • artificial intelligence
  • robotics
  • augmented reality
  • distributed ledger

The Event

Aimed at:

  • Engineers and scientists involved in Frontier Technologies such as:
    • AI
    • Augmented Reality
    • VR
    • Distributed Ledger,
    • Speech Recognition
    • Robotics
    • IOT and other interesting topics
  • Venture Capital partners and qualified angel investors, interested in investing in Frontier Technologies
    • PhDs, lecturers and other university researchers involved in Deep  Technology
    • Deep tech founders at Seed or Series A Stage

Panel Discussion –  Why scale matters

  • you can never  have a large enough cohort of data for successful AI
  • so collaboration as access to multiple federated data sources has to be the new normal
  • how can the golden triangle provide leadership to establish the UK as a global leader in health tech AI

Startup Showcase

They will also be showcasing a number of stand-out startups from the area.

This will be an informal mixer focused on bringing together the elite from  the Deep Tech eco-system, exchanging ideas and encouraging venture building and investment.

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