As colleagues and professionals, we all must work with each other, and the rewards for doing so are clear. But it can require real understanding and a toolkit of skills to make working with some people a success. 

You will learn about:

  • The key personality traits and preferences – different or wrong?
  • Behavioural flexibility – what it is and how to do it
  • Hold up the mirror – self awareness first – is it me?
  • Approached you can take to help
  • Behaviours which don’t help
  • Strategies to take for typical examples
  • The role of feedback, coaching and support
  • Peer coaching discussions around particular concerns

Who should attend?

Managers and team leaders at all levels who wish to extend their approach and understanding when dealing with the challenges of difficult people, so the outcomes can be more effective.

Course content

  • Typical difficult people we face
  • Key personality traits and preferences
  • My style and preference
  • Going for a win/win – approaches we can take/avoid
  • Role of feedback, coaching and support
  • Strategies for typical examples
  • Particular concerns shared
  • Personal actions

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