This free full day event will be discussing the use of Machine Learning in Cybersecurity in the hopes of providing a forceful deterrent against cyber criminals. 

This event is hosted by Cyber Security & Networking Research Group, Anglia Ruskin University, British Computer Society Cybercrime Forensics Special Interest Group’s, UK Cyber Security Forum Cambridge Cluster and OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Cambridge Chapter.

Join them for refreshments and lunch as well as a range of talks including:

  • Dave Palmer and Andrew Tsonchev – ‘How unsupervised machine learning¬† can be used successfully to provide cyber defence to small or large organisations’
  • Dr Ali Dehghantanha – Marie-Curie International Income Research Fellow in Cyber-Forensics
  • Nikola Milosevic – Machine learning aided Android malware classification
  • Richard Dennis – ‘Machine Learning for the Bad Guys – Attack on Bitcoin’
  • Deepinder Singh – Al Challenges of Cyber Big Data
  • Nathan Benaich – ‘Using Machine Learning to reduce cyber data analysis
  • Chris Woods, Neil Passignham and Kari Lawler – ‘Machine Learning in the Security Operations Centre’

To register your attendance at tis event please follow the link provided on the right hand side. Alternatively to contact the organiser directly please use the contact information also provided on the right hand side.