J A Kemp’s intellectual property clinic will allow you to get free informal advice and answer to your questions about patents, trade marks and other intellectual property rights from the experts. 

CW and J A Kemp invite you to their 1:1 intellectual property clinic, where you can spend 30 minutes with one of their qualifies attorneys, providing an opportunity for start-ups and established businesses to get free informal advice.

You might be an inventor or a start-up wanting to know how to protect the ideas underlying your business, or you could be looking yo scale-up and grow your business, or you could be an established business looking to maximise the potential of your R&D spend.

In all case you are likely to have intellectual property assets that you will want to secure, protect and exploit.

About J A Kemp

J A Kemp is a leading UK and European Patent and Trade Mark Attorney firm that combines independent thinking with collective excellence.

They work with businesses of all sizes in all sectors to help them develop and implement strategies for identification and protection of their  IP.

To register your attendance for this FREE event please follow the link provided on the right hand side.