Join IPO for this event that will focus on two aspects of commercial search – competitive intelligence and technology, and market landscaping. 

Often called patent landscaping or IP analytics. CIIPM’s Commercial Patent Search & Analysis training will provide an overview of search and analysis techniques for business decision making.

Attendees will gain an understanding of how to construct  and perform business focussed patent searches and how to  analyse the results for reporting.

In this course, you will learn:

  • how to prepare the dataset for your analysis
  • how to select sources for the search
  • how to work within budget and timeframes whilst providing reasonable answers
  • how to report on the scope and risks associated with the results without detracting from the answers generated

Attendees will be limited in number so there  will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and consider specific topics in more detail.

Lunch is included in the price and it is encouraged for attendees to stay, giving further opportunity to discuss IP issues with the experts and to learn from other’s experiences.  Access to patent databases will be provided by Minesoft, who will also have a representative present to answer database specific questions.

Attendees should bring a laptop or tablet in order to participate in the practical sessions.

Course Outline:

  • Registration 9:45am
  • Introductions
  • Types of commercial patent search
    • Competitive intelligence
    • Company name searching
    • Monitoring competitors
    • Portfolio benchmarking
  • Practical session on company search
  • Coffee Break
  • Technology landscaping
    • Building the data  using classification codes, text and citations
  • Relevancy, and categorisation issues
  • Practical  session on technology session
  • Discussion and Summary
  • Lunch

To register your attendance for this event please follow the link provided on the right hand side. 

Cost: £180 - £498