Do your comms need some (re)direction? 

Maybe you’re looking to foster better engagement – with employees, customers or communities? 

Are you just doing so much that you need a trusted extra pair of hands? 

Is your external presence (website, social media) doing not much more than gathering dust? 

Faye Holland, director of corporate communications consultancy Cofinitive and one of Cambridge’s Most Influential Business People is bringing a communications clinic to The Bradfield Centre  to help with those burning marketing communications questions whether you’re starting out, scaling up or an established corporate business. She brings decades of international expertise in branding strategy, marketing communications and engagement so call in at the Cofinitive Clinic and pick Faye’s brain!

Slots will  be available for the monthly sessions at The Bradfield Centre, during which you can share your marketing woes and start turning them into wins.

To register your attendance at this event please follow the link provided on the right hand side.