Successful recruitment is about finding the right person for the job. This means finding the person who has that unique mixture of first class abilities and is a good cultural fit. 

Although simple enough it is often challenging to select the right candidate, especially in a competitive market.

This workshop is designed to equip anyone involved in the interviewing and selection process with a range of skills and techniques they can use to conduct recruitment interviews which are effective, within the law and fits with your company culture.

This programme will enable delegates to:

  • Use effectively behavioural, competency based interviewing – where the most reliable indicator of future performance is evidence of past behaviour
  • Identify the essential criteria and experience you require with the job and person specification and to evaluate if the candidate meets this
  • Establish what to look for in a CV – highlighting areas that need clarification at the interview
  • Prepare for and structure the interview and manage the time available
  • Identify what questions to ask to understand the candidate’s experience and get them talking
  • Sell your organisation’s benefits and on-board the right person quickly
  • Work within the legal framework – things you can / can’t ask and the legal pitfalls to avoid
  • Managing bias
  • Manage ‘tricky’ questions that the candidate might ask
  • Give your feedback after the interview, including you recommendation on hiring

Target Audience

  • All people who are involved at any stage of the interviewing and selection process
  • Those managers who are out of practice and require a refresher to their interviewing skills
  • Younger managers and employees who are likely to be involved at a future stage as an observer or additional assessor

Course Structure and Methodology

A set of slides are provided to delegates as a ‘take away’ some of which are for further background ready as the actual course delivery is provided through:

  1. Facilitated discussion and Q&A
  2. Slide content and walk through of best practice and tips
  3. Group and facilitator feedback on specific leadership qualities
  4. Coaching

To register your attendance for this course, please follow the link provided on the right hand side. Alternatively, to contact the organisers, please use the contact information also provided on the right hand side.