Aimed at anyone who needs to communicate and present to audiences, this course will help delegates learn to be confidence communicators.

Based around interaction and feedback, each delegate will be asked to bring a 10 minute presentation on any subject they like, to be delivered in the afternoon. By the end of the session delegates will have the confidence to speak in their own character, the ability to write great content and techniques for engaging their audience.

The course will teach:

  • How to write and deliver a short pitch
  • How to improve persona and style
  • How to create great material
  • Handling tricky audience members
  • How to engage the audience effectively

This course is delivered by Jon Torrens.

About Jon Torrens

Jon has worked as a designer (and experienced the joy of deadlines) at games companies including Sony and Electronic Arts, and now he helps people communicate with confidence. He also worked as a professional stand-up comic for a few years, so he knows how to engage and motivate.