The Cambridge Marketing Book Club has been created as a forum for marketers and business people to meet in a friendly and informal context, and to meet with authors of both newly published and well-known business books. These sessions are designed to be highly engaging, and to deliver ongoing learning and skills development.

Why attend?

  • Exclusive access to a peer network of marketing professionals that will develop your own learning and networks in a private environment
  • An opportunity to upgrade your knowledge of current marketing thinking and techniques and to develop new relevant skills
  • The chance to gain new insights and actionable new ideas to gain competitive advantage • Bring your work colleagues and enjoy some quality team building

This second session will be facilitated by Alan Moore and focused on his book ” No Straight Lines”.

Alan Moore is a visionary thinker, and thought leader. Designer of products and services, a world class communicator to high level audiences, and internal teams. He has worked with many leading businesses on six continents, in the form of advising, board positions, teaching, workshops and invitational speaking. He is the author of No Straight Lines, and Do Design. Why beauty is key to everything.

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